Monthly Archive: June 2018

What Is Sepsis? This Life-Threatening Condition Is on the Rise

June 21 2018

What is sepsis, and how is it different from a regular infection? Most of us think that sepsis is a type of infection. But it’s technically a condition that occurs when the body launches an extreme response to an infection-bacterial, viral, or fungal-that you already have. “It’s not a disease caused by a specific agent,”...

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Yummy & Healthy Sunday Recipe: Sweet Potato Crumbed Chicken Tenders

June 10 2018

A revamped regular chicken tenders with a tasty sweet potato crumb. Serve with sweet chilli sauce. Image credit: Vanessa Levis 0:15 Prep | 0:30 Cook | 4 Servings | Easy   INGREDIENTS 135g packet sweet potato crisps 1/2 cup panko breadcrumbs 2 eggs, lightly beaten 800g chicken tenderloins Olive oil spray Fresh mint leaves, to serve Sweet...

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Everything You Need To Know About Meningococcal Disease

June 5 2018

About the disease Meningococcal disease is an acute bacterial infection that can cause death within hours if not recognised and treated in time. In Australia there are 5 main strains of the disease, all of which now have vaccinations available from your doctor. *Note that the C-strain vaccine available through Australia’s free National Immunisation Program...

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Yummy & Healthy Sunday Recipe: Baked Chicken Parma with Sweet Potato Mash

June 3 2018

Please your family with this healthy & delicious Chicken recipe! Prep: 20 mins | Cook: 20 mins | Serves: 4   Ingredients 400 g can no-added-salt diced tomatoes with basil, onion and garlic 2 small skinless chicken breasts, fat trimmed 20 basil leaves 270 g jar sundried tomato, drained 270 g jar char-grilled capsicum or roasted...

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