Geelong Health & Medical Group: Specialist & GP Services

Our medical centres in Geelong (Myers Street Family Medical Practice) and Grovedale (The Cottage Medical Centre) offer a comprehensive range of GP services, specialist services and allied health services.

Please contact us for opening hours and other enquiries.

Workplace Health

Geelong Medical & Health Group operates a comprehensive corporate care program. Corporate care is about...

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Chronic Disease

The Australian Government Department of Health defines chronic disease as “illness that is prolonged in...

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GP Clinical Services

GP services are offered at both Myers Street Family Medical Practice in Geelong and The...

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Health Checks

Early detection is the key to preventing or overcoming many illnesses. Regular health checks help...

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Lifestyle & Wellness

Many people find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle at different times throughout their...

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Maternal Health

The Cottage Medical Centre provides a specialised maternal health service where any health concerns relating...

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Skin Checks

We offer skin checks at both our Geelong and Grovedale medical centres. The Myers Street...

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Travel Advice & Vaccinations

Our Geelong and Grovedale medical doctors offer travel advice and vaccinations to help people enjoy...

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The Geelong Medical and Health Group has team members who have completed the Kokoda Track...

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