Geelong Medical & Health Group: Drug & Alcohol Testing


Our staff have been conducting Drug and Alcohol testing since opening over 10 years ago.  Due to increased demand, we have started Drug and Alcohol testing on-site for various companies.

Drugs and alcohol cost Australian businesses $6 billion a year in lost productivity and absenteeism alone. Then there’s the serious health and safety risks in the workplace, particularly where employees operate machinery or drive vehicles.  Employers are realising that drug and alcohol testing along with education, support and appropriate policies creates a safer workplace with healthier staff leading to increased job satisfaction and overall profit.

How can we help your workplace?

  • On-site testing;
  • In clinic testing;
  • Pre-employment testing;
  • Training and education – A workplace drug testing program partly represents an employer’s effort to keep the environment at work safe for everyone;

Our staff can visit your workplace and conduct drug and alcohol testing or your staff can come to us at 148 Myers Street, Geelong. We use saliva drug testing tools and/or urine along with our state-of-the-art breathalysers.

All results that are non-negative are sent to the laboratory and verified by a second more specific GC/MS test before it is considered a positive. Chain of Custody protocols are strictly adhered to at all times and all information kept discreetly ensuring the privacy of employees and employers alike.

Education is an important part of drug and alcohol testing and we encourage all of our companies to be pro-active in this area so that everyone involved understands that this is a positive initiative that will benefit employees and employers.

For more information or to discuss the needs of your workplace contact:

Mentor Workplace Health Co-ordinator

Ebony Cannon

Mobile 0476500654  or  0456387569