Geelong Medical Practice: Workplace & Corporate Health

Geelong Medical & Health Group operates a comprehensive corporate care program. Corporate care is about maximising health in the workplace through active preventative measures. Our clinical nurse consultant comes to your workplace for your convenience.

At the heart of our corporate care program is the theory that healthy workers are generally happy workers, and healthy, happy workers are productive workers. Looking after staff is an integral part of overall productivity.

Corporate care program Geelong

Services which we can offer your workforce and staff includes: 

  • Vaccine Clinics: Our vaccine clinics cover a whole range of relevant workplace vaccines including Influenza, Pneumonia, Hep A/B, common travel and much more.
  • Drug & Alcohol testing:  Qualified nurses deliver the testing which meets Australian standards and satisfies OH&S policies. Let us tailor a package that suits your workplace.
  • Pre Employment medicals: Our qualified nurses & GPs can screen any new staff with flexible testing designed specifically for the role or industry required.
  • Health screening:  We can set up a pathology collection centre at your work site and take blood so that we can test staff for a range of illnesses and conditions, like diabetes, prostrate abnormalities, cholesterol, liver function, kidney function etc. In the event that there are abnormalities, we can help arrange a suitable management plan for the worker.

We also offer services for chronic disease, lifestyle and wellness and allied health services including physiotherapy. Contact us to book our corporate health care program.

You can also visit the Mentor Website for more information



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