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5 Muscle-Building Foods

November 20 2017

Boost and energy and build muscles by eating these nutrient-dense foods. Hard-boiled eggs One large egg packs 6g of protein. Try boiling a batch together and storing in the fridge. It is an easy snack to pack for your after-workout. Precooked quinoa It has 8g of complete protein per cup, delivering all nine of the...

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Yummy And Healthy Sunday Recipe : Vegetarian Indian Pilaf

November 19 2017

This recipe has around 300 calories, so makes a great lunch or light dinner when you want an easy meal to make. Leftovers can be microwaved the next day. Food Photography courtesy of Factory59. Servings: 4  | Serving size: 386g Ingredients 1 onion, diced 200g diced sweet potato (or pumpkin) 1 cup cauliflower, cut into...

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5 Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis You Should Know

November 18 2017

Almost 200 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) every week. They join the 23,000 people in Australia and approximately 2.5 million people throughout the world already living with this debilitating disease. MS is the most common acquired chronic neurological disease affecting young adults, often diagnosed between the ages of 20 to 40 and, in...

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6 Surprising Foods That Are Great For Your Heart

November 17 2017

Olive oil. Oats. And of course, salmon galore. Most of us know full well that these are the foods healthy hearts are made of. But they’re not the only ones that can help keep your ticker in tip-top shape. Recent research shows that plenty of other clean eating staples can do good things for your...

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Why Do We Hiccup?

November 16 2017

Most of us have experienced hiccups, an uncomfortable, sometimes embarrassing, but usually short-lived experience. But sometimes hiccups persist for a long period of time and can be a sign of serious underlying disease. Hiccups are bursts of inspiratory (breathing in) activity. The muscles we use when we take in a breath are the intercostal muscles...

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Why Cranberries Are Good For Your Health

November 15 2017

Like all other berries that are very nutritional, cranberries are also anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and have cancer-preventing properties. Theses incredible small, red berries are juicy and have a tart and tangy taste. They mainly grow in the cold regions of the world. Aside from having low calories (80% water and 10% carbo), they contain vitamins C, K, B6 and E,...

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The Must-Know Update On How To Detect Melanomas

November 14 2017

The Medical Journal of Australia has revealed three new signs that should be taken into account when approaching the diagnosis of life-threatening melanoma. According to research from Cancer Council Australia, “approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70”; when new skin cancer research emerges from a country...

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3 Great Reasons to Snack on Pecans

November 13 2017

Nuts have a very well-deserved reputation as a health food. In addition to fiber and plant protein, they’re chock-full of good fat, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But pecans are one nut healthy eaters tend to overlook. (I’m sure it doesn’t help that pecans star in a few indulgent desserts, like pecan pie and pralines.) The truth is,...

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Yummy and Healthy Sunday Recipe : Banana and Spinach Pancakes

November 12 2017

These hearty banana and spinach pancakes can be whipped up in just 25 minutes and are best served with yoghurt and berries.   Food Photography by David Frenkiel   0:15 Prep | 0:25 Cook | Makes 15 | Easy   INGREDIENTS 4 free-range eggs 2 ripe bananas, peeled 125ml (1/2 cup) plant-based milk of choice 25g baby spinach or...

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Avoid These Tendon-Damaging Habits

November 11 2017

Your tendons are tough yet elastic bands of tissue that attach your muscles to your bones, and you have around 4,000 of them all over your body, according to experts. Other than connecting muscles to bones, your tendons also make it possible for you to move your various joints. Overuse of your tendons can leave it inflamed, which...

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