Diet Myths That Make You Fat

July 28 2017

Wonder why you can’t lose weight? Do you eat healthy and stick to your workouts? If so, you’re doing something wrong. Millions of dieters are still clinging to old, outdated ideas on nutrition and weight loss. Common mistakes, such as eating diet foods, eating too much honey, or snacking on energy bars, can slow your progress and make you fat.

Let’s dispel some popular diet myths that cause weight gain:


Healthy Eating Is the Key to Weight Loss

Cleaning up your diet is the first step to a slim body. However, just because you’re eating healthy, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight. If you take in more calories than you burn, the kilos will add up. When consumed in excess, healthy foods can lead to weight gain. To avoid this problem, track your portions and stick to your calorie goals.

Honey Is the Best Sugar Substitute

Many dieters swap sugar for honey because it’s healthy and natural. Unfortunately, honey and sugar have a similar caloric count. Honey is more nutritious, but this doesn’t mean it supports weight loss. This product is 55 percent fructose; when consumed in large amounts, it may lead to diabetes, obesity, liver disease, and cardiovascular problems. Stevia, an all natural sweetener with zero calories, is much better than honey for those trying to lose weight.


Gluten-Free Foods Can Slim You Down

Gluten, the protein in wheat, has been linked to inflammation, leaky gut, depression, poor digestion, and food allergies. However, it has little or no impact on body weight. Gluten-free foods are not lower in calories or carbs. Ditching the gluten from your diet doesn’t guarantee weight loss. Not to mention that there are hundreds of unhealthy gluten-free foods on the market.

Protein Bars Are a Healthy Snack

Protein bars and energy bars enjoy huge popularity among dieters. The problem is that most brands are packed with sugar and empty calories. Some boast up to 500 calories per serving and contain harmful additives, preservatives, fructose, and artificial flavors. These snacks are heavily processed and can do more harm than good. Cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, homemade protein bars, eggs, and whey protein shakes are a much better option.


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