Yearly Archive: 2018

Recipe of the Week: Fish Fingers with Vegie Chips

December 28 2018

Better-for-you fish and chips the whole family will love, complete with a lighter yoghurt tartare sauce. Image credit: Sam McAdam-Cooper INGREDIENTS 400g cream delight potatoes, peeled, chopped 250g firm white fish fillets, roughly chopped 1/2 cup frozen peas 2 green onions, finely chopped 400g butternut pumpkin, cut into batons Olive oil cooking spray 1 large zucchini, cut...

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Top 10 Superfoods

December 27 2018

Goji berries, aloe vera, linseed. All are claimed to be ‘superfoods’. But what’s so super about them? Are they really that beneficial? We list the top 10 superfoods – and they’re more common than you think… Many foods, such as soy, berries and avocados, have jumped to nutritional stardom over the last few decades. Their popularity...

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9 Subtle Signs You Could Have a Heart Problem

December 21 2018

  Heart Woes Thanks to more education about healthy eating and advancements in treatment, fewer people die of heart disease than in the past. That said, clogged heart arteries are still the number-one cause of death in the United States. Although heart attack symptoms can be a scary first sign of trouble (and keep in mind women have...

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Referred Pain That You Should Take Really Seriously

December 20 2018

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is not right. Did you know that it is possible for you to experience pain away from or near the actual source of the problem? This is what’s called “referred pain” in the world of medicine. Also sometimes known as reflective pain, no one really...

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7 Energy-Boosting Foods That’ll Perk You Up Better Than a Cup of Coffee

December 13 2018

With constant technological pings, a heavy workload, an ambitious workout schedule, and a busy social calendar, it’s no wonder you’re always tired and tempted to hit the snooze button every. single. morning. You’re not alone. Aiming for eight hours of shuteye is a great start to tame the tiredness, of course, but that’s not always...

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The 5 Types of Skin Cancer You Need to Know How to Recognise

December 12 2018

If there’s one good thing about skin cancer, it’s that you can spot it yourself-if you know what to look for. And the easier you can find skin cancer, the sooner you can seek treatment. The Cancer Council recommends developing a regular habit of checking your own skin for any changes. Don’t rush through this=do it when...

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What Your Food Cravings Are Really Trying to Tell You

December 11 2018

Food cravings can really pack a wallop. A desire for red meat may come on so strong that you veer off the highway in search of a burger joint. Or perhaps all you can think about is a homemade brownie. But it turns out these impulses are sometimes more than simple urges—they can also offer intel about what your body...

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10 Reasons You Have Swollen Fingers

December 10 2018

You have arthritis pain, and the inflammation in your joints causes your fingers to swell up and resemble little sausages. Or maybe you’ve chowed down a salty meal, and now your wedding ring is stuck on your finger. Should you freak out? Probably not. Fingers swell for a lot of reasons-many of them harmless-but sometimes...

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Recipe of the Week: Mexican Bowl with Turmeric Fish and Spicy Mango Salsa

December 7 2018

This hearty and healthy bowl is full of delicious, nutrient-rich ingredients like white fish fillets, turmeric, black beans, fresh mango and crisp kale leaves. Image credit: Jeremy Simons   INGREDIENTS 1 mango, cheeks removed, flesh chopped 1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander, plus extra leaves, to serve 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 2 long fresh red chillies, deseeded,...

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