3 Moves to a Simplified Pilates Work Out

August 2 2017

Mr. Joseph Pilates invented this mental and physical form of exercise that targets the core muscles of your body, such as your Lower back, Abs, and the Pelvic muscle. It scientifically proved to help build lean muscle and aid metabolism, which important for burning calories.

For any beginner embarking on any form of workout, there are techniques that are paramount to focus on in order to achieve the desired results. With Pilates, there are two techniques that are a must to master and use them in unison.

  • Controlled Breathing.
  • Body posture.

Have everything that you need for the workout such as a Floor Mat, a Stretch band, and soft ankle weights. Remember, start slowly. This is a learning process.


  • The entire session involves slow, repetitive and intense movements. Pilates is a mind over matter form of exercise that helps burn calories faster and keeps doing so long after the workout is over, so having control over your breathing is key.
  • You want to minimise exhaustion between workouts instead of having to constantly stop and catch your breath.
  • Proper breathing helps you maximise on continuity and maintaining a smooth flow throughout your routine.

Body Posture

  • A proper body alignment helps focus the intensity of the workout on your core muscles whilst strengthening them at the same time. You will also avoid muscle and joint injuries.
  • Pilates workouts can be hard work at first, that’s why I recommend starting with these three simple moves;
  1. The floor Mat exercises – Such as cycling motion with your legs while supporting your raised neck with your arms. This targets your back, upper arms, and Legs.
  2. Stretch Bands – Strap the band around your ankles and wrists. Using your lower back as a pivot point, stretch inwards and outwards.This targets your Abs and Pelvic muscle.
  3. Double legs and Arms crunches – Lying on your back, raise both your legs and arms stretched out to form a V-shape. Hold this position for every 3 – 5 minute intervals.

Remember to control your breathing at all times. Remain disciplined and focused on your workout.


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