5 Tips To Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

August 12 2017

Deciding to eat healthier is a thrill that we head to the supermarket with excitement, as we travel down the superfoods, organic fruit and vegetable aisle in search for the freshest produce.  That is until we reach the check-out counter and notice that we’ve spent more than we are hoping for. Sending us into a downward spiral of reverting back to our old unhealthy diet as we make an excuse for ourselves that healthy food is expensive.

It is somehow true if you fill up your trolley with the latest superfood or organic craze produce will cost us a hefty price tag, but it doesn’t apply to all categories of a healthy diet plan. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are some top tips to boost your health without sacrificing your wealth.


Avoid Buying Exotic Superfoods

Goji and acai berries, chia seeds and maca all sound exotic and interesting. Try not to get fixated on these kinds of superfoods as they quickly raise the price tag of your grocery purchases.


Compare Prices

You don’t have to buy the most expensive cut of meat or branded tomatoes. Encourage yourself to compare prices per unit or weight to get the best value. You can opt for generic or home-brand foods too, as they pack the same the quality and provide the same nutrients for a cheaper price.


Buy In-Season Produce

In-season fruits and vegetables are more delicious, fresher, nutritious and cheaper than an out-of-season produce.


Cook from Scratch

Cooking healthy meals from scratch is very affordable, compared to healthy meals from restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Buy In Bulk

Stock up on foods you eat often. You can buy a large tub of yogurt and place it into small individual containers for daily consumption, or a block of cheese to grate yourself instead of the more expensive grated cheese.

If you bought too many carrots or other vegetables, you can steam them slightly, then let it cool and place in a resealable plastic bag for freezing until you’re ready to use or eat it.