How To Stay Motivated To Train On A Bad Day

August 17 2017


Feeling tired and worn out? Have you lost your motivation to exercise or do your work? The truth is that everyone has bad days. Even the most successful people lose their drive from time to time. However, watching TV and snacking on junk food won’t help. A short workout session, on the other hand, can boost your mood and ward off depression. The benefits are immediate.


Start with a 10-Minute Session

If you’re not in the mood to exercise, work out for just 10 minutes. Time flies, so you might end up doing a full workout without even realizing it. Getting started is the hardest part.


Watch Motivational Videos

The Internet is home to millions of videos featuring athletes and role models. These short clips can instantly boost your motivation and remind you why you love exercise so much. If you have a favorite athlete, watch him doing his workouts. You’ll feel inspired and ready to hit the gym within minutes!


Reward Yourself

Small rewards, such as buying new gym clothes or getting a massage, can keep you motivated to work out. Tell yourself that if you make it to the gym today, you’ll buy something nice or watch a good movie later. Just make sure you don’t reward yourself with food – unless it’s something healthy.


Take a Recovery Week

Overtraining can affect your motivation and energy. If you’ve been working out for months, it’s no wonder why you’re not in the mood for it. Take a week off every two or three months to recover and break the routine. Try new things, such as hiking, swimming, painting, or traveling to a place where you’ve never been before.


Stop Trying So Hard

Many people lose their motivation to work out simply because they try to hard to lose weight, build muscle, or reach a specific goal. If that’s your case, remember that you’re training for your health. Weight loss, muscle growth, and other goals should come second. Take the time to enjoy your workout instead of obsessing over results.