Relaxed Breathing For Stress Relief

August 31 2017

Relaxation can help to relieve stress as it aids you to calm down. Anxiety will not be erased completely, but you will be able to deal with it once you’ve released the tension in your body and cleared your mind with troubles.

All relaxation techniques combine breathing more deeply with relaxing the muscles. Try not to worry if you find it difficult to relax at first. It’s a skill that needs learning and practice.

Relaxation techniques usually start with focusing on your breathing. The way to do it is to breathe in and out slowly and in a regular rhythm as this will help you to calm down.

  1. Fill up the whole of your lungs with air, without forcing. Imagine you’re filling up a bottle so that your lungs fill from the bottom.
  2. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  3. Breathe in slowly and regularly counting from one to five (don’t worry if you can’t reach five at first).
  4. Then let the breath escape slowly, counting from one to five.
  5. Keep doing this until you feel calm. Breathe without pausing or holding your breath.

Practise this relaxed breathing for three to five minutes, two to three times a day (or whenever you feel stressed).

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