Some Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Stronger

January 29 2018

One of the worst feelings a person can experience is putting a lot of effort into something without seeing results.

When hard work in working out does not pay off, fatigue is doubled and motivation is lost. Below is the list of some reasons why you are not getting stronger.

Improper Technique
Improper methods will only lead to more injuries. Besides this, it actually minimizes the results of your routine. Keep the proper forms and make it a point to only use the muscles being worked out in the exercise. For added weight, make sure that you maintain the proper form.

Too Much Time between Sets
Working out requires rest for at least 30 seconds to 45 seconds between each set. Never rest longer than this. Take a stopwatch with you and to get yourself constantly at work from one routine to the next.

Insufficient Recovery Time
Using your muscles to their limit is very important. Getting them worked up is necessary but giving them rest is just as vital. Never work out the same muscles consecutively. Doing this stops the growth of muscles.

For better efficiency, rest your muscles for 48 hours. If the workout is intense, it may take 72 hours. This is the right amount of time to recover. This way, there is ample time for the fibers in the muscles to grow. You will need to match your workout with your diet.

Lack of Goals
Starting out with a cohesive plan is the right start. Will plays an important role. Set specific goals. Make sure they are time-bounded. With these kinds of goals stated, you will be more focused and get you stronger faster.

Wrong Environment
Sometimes, working out at home strips all the energy out of you. You are tempted to take things easy. Joining a class or a club might help you with motivation. The little competition might boost the intensity of your exercises.

Not Enough Intensity
If the workout is done properly, the result should be drained energy. The intensity should be around 70 to 100n percent. When while doing the proper form you get the feeling that you might not make it, you’re on the right track.

Lack of Change
The body adapts well to routine. Sticking to the same program for a long period of time will be fruitless. The important thing is to keep things up. After four to six weeks, change your routines. Adapt a new workout. Change the number of repetition, the type of the weights, and the type of the exercise.


Make sure that you pay careful attention to what you do. A focused and informed effort will bring lasting results. Bring that focus into your workouts.


Sourced from HealthDigezt.