Five Tips To Eat More Mindfully

April 11 2018

Do you bolt your food down or multi-task? If you never lose weight, maybe it’s not what you’re eating but how.

1. Take time to sit down

We live in a world where we are always rushing. Force yourself to stop, sit down and devote 15 to 20 minutes to eating, so that it becomes a relaxing, pleasurable experience. Don’t eat with your hands (like a burger) but use a plate, fork and knife. Eat slowly, putting down the cutlery between mouthfuls.

2. Don’t be distracted

Put the mobile out of sight, walk away from your desk and switch off all electronic devices within earshot. This forces you to focus your full attention on what you’re eating. Also, be careful not to fall into the habit of eating when you’re driving or at the movies. This only sets the scene for mindless or distracted eating later on.

3. Appreciate every bite

Eating is a sensory experience, involving smell, sight, touch and taste. Take them all in to help you savour the flavour, and make sure you’re hungry before you start eating.

4. Think quality over quantity

Have a range of colourful, fresh whole foods on your plate from all the food groups to ensure that your meal is nutrient-rich and nutritionally balanced. This means that every bite counts and there won’t be any excuse to overeat.

5. Stop when you’re full

Listen to your stomach and stop eating when you feel comfortably full — but not stuffed. Don’t feel pressured to finish a meal — store the leftovers for the next day or share with a friend.

The bottom line

Start today. Practise these five steps when you can devote time to eating alone. It might be harder when you’re with others, especially little children. Once you do them often enough, though, they become a habit.


Sourced from Australian Healthy Food Guide.