Habits That Makes You Prone To Diabetes

August 6 2018

Diabetes is one of the leading cause deaths in the world. It is a disease that can affect everybody. Even the people that are less likely to acquire it. People that exercise every day or have a healthy body weight can still acquire it from maintaining negative habits. Staying up late or struggling to fall asleep at night can make you 45% more prone to diabetes. Beside problem with sleeping or insomnia, there are other habits that can increase your risk for diabetes.

Below are some habits that you should avoid.


Irregular Eating

People who follow a regular eating schedule, eat 3 big meals a day and consume one or two small snacks. People that frequently skip meals or eat on an erratic schedule makes them prone to diabetes. Eating regularly will keep your insulin levels balanced. Skipping one meal or eating between big gaps can prevent insulin production. Once you finally go back to your regular eating habit, your body will not be able to properly process sugar. This will then lead to diabetes. People that undergo different diets, constantly changes eating schedules and ones who frequently skip meals are ones that are vulnerable.


Too Much Protein

Protein is an important food group that we require to be healthy and nourished. Though, there is a limit to the amount you should take. For meat lovers out there, consuming two red meat meals a week is the maximum amount. Eating it every day for all your meals will make you a high risk for cancer and diabetes. Switch up your meals and consume more fish and vegetable. Add more chicken and pork to your diet too.


Skipping Breakfast

The people that prefer to skip breakfast are more prone to developing diabetes. This is due to the body’s ability to maintain sugar. Eating breakfast can help kick start your digestion and body function. This allows your body to process sugars early in the day, giving you the needed energy and sugar conversion. Waiting until lunch for your first meals can slow down insulin production. It does not have to be a big meal. Eating fruits or even a smoothie is enough to keep you healthy.


Sleeping Patterns

If you are someone that has an irregular sleeping pattern or have shifting schedule at work. You are prone to diabetes. This is due to numerous reasons such shift in eating schedules, changes in the circadian rhythm and slowed body function. People should maintain a regular sleeping schedule. Eight to ten hours of sleep a day and regular scheduled meals. This will help keep your blood sugar balanced and prevent you from getting sudden energy crashes.


Lack of Physical Activity

Weight gain is one of the number one of the biggest triggers for diabetes and heart disease. People that experience weight gain that exceeds more than twenty pounds a year makes you 50% prone to developing it. Combine this with lack of exercise your probability will increase to 75%. Any type of physical activity such as running, walking or cycling can help fight diabetes. When the muscles are engaged and active, the muscles are able to soak up the glucose in the blood. This will then help manage keep the sugar levels balanced. When your family is prone to getting diabetes, it is important to maintain regular exercise to reduce chances of developing the disease.



Glucose levels can increase if the body is under constant stress. Studies have shown that people that live a stressful lifestyle are more prone to diabetes. Not only does the glucose level increase, stress can also cause erratic eating habits and unhealthy life choices. Finding a way to lessen stress is important to your health. Exercising, watching a movies, meditation and other forms of relaxation every day is vital. Avoid using vices such as smoking and alcohol as a stress reliever. These types of vices are known to increase the risk diabetes.


Article Sourced from HealthDigezt.