5 Strange Sounds Your Body Makes (And Their Meanings)

October 31 2018

Your body can give off all sorts of sounds. Some of them can leave you feeling embarrassed. Others can cause you to go into panic mode. Then there are also those that can trigger some giggles.

Well, these strange sounds your body makes can either be normal or warning signs. Continue reading this article so that you don’t have to make guesses the next time you come across an unusual sound from within you.

1. Whistling When You Inhale and Exhale

If there’s a whistling each time you breathe, it’s a sign that the flow of air is obstructed. Most of the time, it is brought about by excessive amounts of mucus in your nasal passages.

This is the reason why it’s not unlikely for you to hear a whistling sound whenever you inhale and exhale during a bout of the common cold or flu, or any other infection that can cause nasal congestion.

But if you recently suffered from a trauma that involved the nose and there’s a whistling every time you breathe, pay an ENT a visit as it may be an indicator of an injury.


2. Ringing in the Ears

Doctors refer to ringing in the ears as tinnitus. There are many different reasons why tinnitus strikes and some of the most common ones include aeging, infections and exposure to loud noises.

Usually, tinnitus is due to damage to the tiny hairs inside your ear that convert sound into electrical energy so that they may be sent to your brain.

If that ringing in your ear is bugging you most especially at night, which can keep you from catching some Z’s, pay your doctor a visit. Do the same if there are other unusual symptoms like pain or dizziness.

Aside from ringing, tinnitus may also cause you to hear a buzzing or chirping sound. But if it’s a whooshing sound and it is there 24/7, it may be due to an allergy or infection, or a circulation problem.


3. Grumbling in Your Belly

Most of the time, hearing a grumbling sound in your upper abdominal tract is just your stomach telling you that it’s empty — it is simply a sign that that you should reach for some food.

But if that grumbling sound seems to be coming from your middle or lower abdomen, it’s usually produced by fluid and gas moving along your intestines. By the way, doctors call it borborygmus (plural: borborygmi).

Instead of the usual grumbling noise, do you hear a high-pitched sound? Do you also experience nausea and abdominal pain or cramping? And has it been a while since you moved your bowels?

Consider paying your doctor a visit if you answered “yes” to the above questions because it may be due to a partial obstruction of the bowels, which has to be treated right away.


4. Popping in Your Joints

Usually, there is no need for you to worry if your joints are producing popping or sometimes cracking sounds. Experts say that it is perfectly normal.

Your joints are actually protected by a small sac that contains fluid. Each time you move your joints, air bubbles may form within. When the said air bubbles burst, popping or cracking sounds are then produced.

However, it’s a different thing if the sounds coming from your joints are accompanied by pain or locking, as well as a feeling of instability — it may indicate an injury to the soft tissues or a fracture.

5. Farting Down There

No, not from behind, but from the frontal lady part! There is actually a term for it: vaginal flatulence. Some women may know it by entirely different names, such as queef, fanny fart and vart.

Ladies, there is no need to fear because it’s simply air trapped in the vagina (introduced by activities such as exercising and having sex) trying to escape.


Sourced from HealthDigezt