Is Your Eyelid Twitching? Here are the Reasons for It

November 29 2018


Have you heard about myokymia before? Probably not. But there’s a huge possibility that you have already encountered it at least once in the past. Outside of the medical community, myokymia is referred to as eyelid twitching, which is a very common phenomenon.

Most of the time, eyelid twitching happens for just a few seconds or minutes. There are instances, however, in which it can stay around for a few weeks or even months!

Eyelid twitching, generally speaking, does not signal a serious medical condition nor can it harm your health in any way. Unfortunately, in rare instances it can also be brought about by a neurological condition, something that has something to do with the nerves or nervous system. Needless to say, eyelid twitching that persists as well as accompanied by some other unusual signs and symptoms warrants a trip to the clinic of a doctor, preferably an eye specialist.

Before you start having a panic attack thinking that you may have a serious medical condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated right away, keep on reading first. Below are some of the most likely reasons why your eyelid is twitching.


One of the most common reasons behind eye twitching is stress. Most especially if your everyday schedule is a really busy one, it’s not unlikely for your eyelid to twitch every now and then. Needless to say, all you need to do is relax your mind and body to lower your stress levels. Worrying about that harmless eye twitching can leave you even more stressed, creating a never ending cycle of stress and eye twitching.

Lack of Sleep

Are you constantly deprived of much-needed sleep because of insomnia? Then it’s very much likely that your failure to get a good night’s sleep is the one responsible for that eyelid twitching of yours. Insomnia can be due to so many different things, ranging from stress, anxiety, chronic pain to a medical condition. If your insomnia does not respond to some home remedies, see a doctor ASAP.

Eye Strain

If your work entails sitting before a computer for hours on end or you love spending most of your free time tapping on your smart phone, there’s a huge possibility for your eyelid to twitch frequently. Such is evidently due to overusing electronic devices that feature display panels. Certainly, you should take frequent breaks from your techie life in order to give your peepers a chance to rest.

Dry Eyes

The process of aging is something that can cause eye dryness. Some medications are known to reduce the amount of tears the eyes produce. Eye dryness can also be caused by contact lens use. No matter the case, having dry eyes can increase your risk of having eye twitching. Consider seeking the help of an eye specialist if your eyes also look red and it seems like there’s sand in them.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Especially if you have unhealthy eating habits, it’s not unlikely for you to be battling certain nutritional deficiencies that are yet to be diagnosed. According to health experts, some forms of nutritional deficiencies can cause eyelid twitching as one of the symptoms. One example of those is being deficient in magnesium. Before popping a nutritional supplement in your mouth, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor first.

Alcohol and Coffee

Do you fail to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation only? If so, then don’t be surprised if you constantly experience twitching of your eyelids. The same can be said if you are fond of consuming several servings of coffee per day. To check if it’s what you are drinking that can be blamed for eyelid twitching, quit taking alcohol, coffee and other caffeinated beverages for a few days and see it those twitches go away.


Sourced from HealthDigezt