10 Simple Habits That Encourage Healthy Eating

January 17 2019

When it comes to deciding what to cook and eat, many of us can get overwhelmed quickly.

Whether it’s on social media, television or even on food packaging itself, we’re constantly bombarded with complex and often conflicting advice about what we should be eating.

But it doesn’t have to be this hard.

Good food should be easy. It’s about keeping things simple so we can make the best food choices throughout the day — quickly and affordably.

Instead of a rule book on what not to eat, follow these guiding principles to help you live well and feel great.

1. Eat ingredients, not products

A fail-safe way to eat well is to choose whole foods over products.

This doesn’t mean we need to make absolutely everything from scratch, but choosing more fresh foods and fewer packaged ones will go a long way to improving our nutrition.

Fresh foods are generally higher in micronutrients and fibre, and will help us avoid hidden added fats, sugar and salt.

2. Start with vegetables

Get used to filling the plate with at least 50 per cent veg, as eating more vegetables is one of the most important things we can do for our health.


Article originally appeared and sourced from ABC Life.