10 Easy Tips For A Healthier, Happier You

April 11 2019

Treat yourself with this simple advice.

If a ‘healthier and happier year’ was at the top of your list back in January, you’re not alone. We all know that when you feel happy on the inside, you radiate good energy and smile more, all of which can result in a healthier appearance including smooth, glowing skin.

The tricky part can be starting (or re-starting) your efforts to that happier feeling. Try these tips for kick-starting and maintaining your self-care journey.


Write it all down

Writing your goals is important and can be so much fun. Whether it’s a personal diary, or a gratitude journal, a meal planner or a checklist, sit down once a day and spill your musings onto paper. You’ll find it refreshing, relieving and it serves as a sweet time capsule to reflect back on in the future


Keep your mental health in check

The state of your mental health is paramount to your overall wellbeing and should require just as much attention as your physical health. Be conscious of your headspace by finding some quiet ‘you’ time regularly.


Join a local club

Whether it’s your local gym, a book club, a cycling group – getting yourself out there is a great way to kick off your wellness journey. Plus, you might make new friends who share common interests and you’ll always have someone to push your motivation.


Join an online community

Much like joining a class, finding inspiration online can change your mind set for tackling the day. Find content from empowering women, like-minded creatives, inspiring athletes, motivational speakers. Join a groups that will give you inspiration from a community that lives and loves a mindful lifestyle.


Spend time with loved ones

Sometimes seeing an old friend is all you need to restart the fuel when it’s low. Set aside time to see your family, friends and whoever may be a positive influence on your life. It’s no secret that having a strong network of support alongside you directly correlates to your mood and wellbeing.


Master the art of meal prepping

Meal prepping doesn’t need to mean all you eat is tasteless chicken and steamed vegetables. Recipe books or cooking apps are great solutions for creating a party on your plate and you’ll find that a medley of greens can be exciting when paired with the right things.


Take a break from social media

Like junk food, filtered lives and perfectly curated content will have negative effects on your health if consumed excessively. Place no value in engagement numbers and flashy aesthetics; log out every once in a while.


Read more books

We’re all Netflix worshippers here, but there’s something elating about ditching an episode for a few hours of reading. There’s infinite magic tucked in pages and stories, not to mention they’re amazing sources for much-needed inspiration.


Be inspired by other people’s stories

Ever heard a story that resonated so well it changed your outlook forever? If you haven’t, here’s your push to search for one. Listen to podcasts, interviews, read your favourite blog, attend panels, find like-minded people and do it together.

Learn something new

Knowledge is power, and there’s never been a better time to load up, what with the infinite resources we have on hand. Think of a topic that you’ve always wanted to explore and start researching.


Set goals and celebrate every win

Everything from getting out of bed, to tackling a task that you’ve pushed aside for a while, to hitting your water intake for the day – celebrate every single win, you deserve it!


Article originally appeared on Prevention.