7 Things You Need For the Best Winter Workout

July 31 2019

The cool weather and biting wind may be turning you off your usual exercise routine this winter but there are some good reasons you should be breaking a sweat during the colder months.

According to a US study, exercising outside in winter increases your kJ-burn and boosts your metabolism. It can also mean you expend less energy and exercise more efficiently!

But having the wrong active wear or exercise gear could make or break your next winter workout. These are some of our favourite cold weather products you need to add to your collection asap.



We lose heat through any part of our body that is exposed. So, if you’re rugging up to walk on a particularly fresh day or getting in some early morning Pilates, pop on a beanie to avoid cooling down too quickly. Find one with thick yarn to really feel the warmth.


Patterned tights

Like us, black may be your go-to when it comes to workout leggings but with so much black out there at winter time, dare to be different by adding a pattern or bright stripe. Not only will it make your workout feel brighter, it will also make you easier to spot. Hot tip: Avoid any pants with mesh or cut out sections to stay warmer!


Glow head phones

With daylight savings and winter sunlight you’re probably finding your usual walking time cased in darkness. Lose one of your air pods on an evening run and that’s the end of that great running playlist. Invest in some glow in the dark headphones. Not only will you always be able to find them but it will make you more visible too!


Decent shoes

It gets wetter and significantly slipperier from rain and the morning frost so check your runners to make sure the sole still has good grip. If it has worn away or is uneven, it may be time to hit the shops for a new pair.



If you’re usual coastal walk or park trek is feeling a little breezy, it may be time to invest in a fleece. We know, we know, fleece doesn’t sound very sexy but you’ll be thanking us when you’re feeling toasty warm on your next adventure. A few things to look for: one that is windproof and moisture-wicking in case you work up a sweat.


Fewer layers

Avoid bulky sports bras and extra layers by investing in a smooth, light weight top with built in support. You’ll feel more comfortable, plus you will be helping the environment by cutting down on washing.


A torch

It might sound silly but a compact torch can come in really handy during winter when the sun sets early, and overcast weather can make your usual bush track feel very dark. Find something that you can clip on your pants or pocket so you never have to worry about searching for dropped keys or reaching blindly to pick up the dog’s business.


Sourced from Prevention.