Stress Less In 60 Seconds!

July 22 2019

Experts share their quickest stress-relief tips – because everyone has a minute to spare!

Pull out a calming photograph

Whether it’s palm trees on a beach or your adorable new puppy, looking at something pretty does effect changes in the brain. It either brings us back to the present moment or distracts us by taking us away to somewhere else.


Practise gratitude

Remind yourself that you have your health or family or career (or all of the above if you are truly blessed). Have a list of a few things you’re grateful for that you can refer to when you’re feeling stressed.


Listen to music, preferably alone

Whether you favour Bach or Adele, music is a powerful stress reducer. Songs can evoke intense feelings and summon happy memories and also help get our breathing and bodies in sync.


Massage your ears

Ears are covered in acupuncture points, so rubbing them gently can ease tension through the body. Focus on the crease between the back of your ears and your skull, especially if you wear glasses or spend a lot of time in front of computer screens.


Sourced from Prevention.