9 Great Cardio Exercises for People Who Hate Running

August 15 2019

Running is a simple, effective form of cardiovascular exercise that offers a range of benefits, from strengthening your joints to improving your mood.

But even proponents will admit that running is tough. It takes a moderate level of fitness to run for more than a few minutes. It can be rough on the body, particularly for those with foot, ankle, or knee conditions. Running can also be a bit of a mental drag, especially if you run in the same places frequently.

Luckily, running is just one of the dozens of methods available for those seeking a great cardio workout. While jogging is popular and widespread, there are many ways to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing without pounding on your joints and limbs.

We’ve divided this list of non-running cardio activity into two sections. Movements on the first list require only your body weight and a single piece of equipment. Movements on the second list require some specialised machines.

Let’s get to it!



Sourced from Healthline.

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