Women’s Health Week (6-10 September 2021)

September 6 2021

Women’s health. Powerful stuff.

Good health is powerful! So this September, Women’s Health Week will be a great reminder to set aside time for your health and wellbeing. Make an appointment for a health check, get active, and connect with family and friends. Good health starts with you.

Women’s Health Week is a nation-wide campaign of events and online activities – all centred on improving women’s health and helping you to make healthier choices.

On each day of Women’s Health Week, we focus on an important women’s health topic. Women, communities and workplaces are encouraged to get involved by hosting an event, sharing the health information and encouraging women from all corners of Australia to put good health first.


Day 1: Move it Monday!

Women’s Health Week 2021 kicks off with a bang with a day dedicated to moving your body.

Day 2: Tricky periods

On Day 2, we will turn our attention to tricky periods, a women’s health topic that we need to hear more about.

Day 3: Private lives

Talking about sex and relationships for women of all ages. Take a closer look at the ebb and flow of libido (sex drive), and how to navigate the waves of change, plus speaking to the experts on how to have better conversations around sex and sexuality.

Day 4: Mind matters

Mental health in the age of COVID. Sit down with the experts to talk about how we find our new mental health ‘normal’ in a pandemic world.

Day 5: Slumber party!

On Friday, sleep is in the spotlight as we unpack the importance of sleep for women’s health, the impact of sleep disorders and the facts about sleep deprivation among women.

We’re looking forward to spending Women’s Health Week 2021 with you (6-10 September), and hope you’ll take some time to put your health first.

For more information, visit Jean Hailes for Women’s Health Week.