Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 2022)

October 3 2022

Help the National Breast Cancer Foundation fuel the minds of researchers during breast cancer awareness month.

Just as breakfast fuels your day, NBCF fuels the best breast cancer researchers in Australia to reach our vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

This October, NBCF is asking people to photograph their breakfast, post the images online, and donate the cost of their breakfast to the foundation, so we can continue to fuel life-saving breast cancer research.

Over 3,200 Australians are expected to lose their lives from breast cancer in Australia this year – that’s around nine people a day.

Research is central and critical to reducing deaths from breast cancer.

We hope BREASTfast can help us raise awareness of the impact of breast cancer in Australia and the importance funding research.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month you can help fuel the NBCF’s life-saving Researchers for the cost of your breakfast with #BREASTfast.

Reaching Zero Deaths from breast cancer starts with research, just like your day starts with breakfast.

For more information, visit the NBCF website.


Article originally posted on NBCF.