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Common Reasons You’re Bruising So Easily

October 8 2018

Scratching your head over bruises you don’t remember getting? Maybe you find yourself wondering, Why do I bruise so easily? Bruising occurs when blood vessels burst and leak blood under the skin’s surface. It’s usually due to an injury to muscle and connective tissue. Pooled blood forms an ugly blemish that changes colour and gradually fades...

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Signs You May Have A Blood Clot In Your Body

October 24 2017

When you have a wound, it’s very beneficial for your blood to clot in order to put an end to the bleeding and have the healing process commenced. However, it’s an entirely different story if a blood clot happens elsewhere in your body, particularly in your blood vessels. That’s because it’s something that can endanger your life as it can put...

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All About HbA1c

August 4 2017

Have you ever heard this term called HbA1c? Every time you eat, your body breaks down the carbohydrates into glucose, which enters your blood stream. The glucose will then attach naturally to haemoglobin forming Glycated Haemoglobin or what is also call as HbA1c. The amount of glucose that combines to the haemoglobin is directly proportional...

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