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6 Exercises to Stretch Your Hands and Feet

March 7 2019

You probably know that it’s important to stretch your legs, arms, back, core – but did you know that your hands and feet need stretching, too? The purpose of stretching is to maintain full range of motion around a joint. When we have full range of motion, we’re less likely to compensate and alter our...

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6 Reasons Why Your Hands Are Shaking

December 29 2017

Everything from a hard workout to underlying disease could explain your shakes. You notice the shaking most in the morning when you’re texting or drinking your coffee. Or it could be an all-the-time affliction, causing your hands to quiver whenever they’re hanging at your sides. You’re not alone. A shaking or trembling body part—also known...

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Easy Hand Exercises

November 10 2017

You rely on your hands when driving, typing, texting, cooking, painting, crocheting, and so many other innumerable tasks. That is why keeping at bay hand muscle and joint pain and inflammation is very important. There are a handful of simple and easy exercises for the hands that you may carry out on a regular basis, especially after utilizing them...

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