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10 Reasons You Have Swollen Fingers

December 10 2018

You have arthritis pain, and the inflammation in your joints causes your fingers to swell up and resemble little sausages. Or maybe you’ve chowed down a salty meal, and now your wedding ring is stuck on your finger. Should you freak out? Probably not. Fingers swell for a lot of reasons-many of them harmless-but sometimes...

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Medical Conditions That Can Cause Joint Pain

November 7 2018

An injury, overuse, lack of physical activity — we all know that all of these things can leave your joints achy. But did you know that there are also certain medical conditions that can be blamed for joint pain? Below you will come across some medical conditions that are known to cause achy joints. Osteoarthritis...

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How To Keep Your Joints Healthy

August 31 2018

Follow these simple steps to preserve joint health. Stay in Motion It’s the golden rule of joint health: The more you move, the less stiffness you’ll have. Whether you’re reading, working, or watching TV, change positions often. Take breaks from your desk or your chair and get active. Safety First Padding is your pal. So suit...

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Still Young But Have Arthritis? Here’s What You Can Do To Avoid It

October 31 2017

You may think that arthritis only affects the elderly. Think again. More & More Young People Are Getting Arthritis and by 2030, an estimate of 580 million people worldwide, from age 18 and older, will have been diagnosed with arthritis. How do you prevent it? Here are tips that are designed to address the underlying...

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