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What Are Asthma Triggers?

October 17 2018

A trigger is something that sets off or starts asthma symptoms. Everyone’s asthma is different, and everyone has different triggers. For most people with asthma, triggers are only a problem when their asthma is not well-controlled with medicine. There are lots of different triggers, and they might be something that you: catch (cold or flu);...

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7 Signs You Might Have Pneumonia and How to Get Better Fast

September 4 2018

The symptoms are shockingly similar – but pneumonia can become serious fast. When you think of pneumonia, you probably think of having it as a little kid or hearing about your grandma catching it while in the hospital. It’s true that pneumonia is more common in children and older adults (thanks to their weaker immune...

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8 Medical Causes of Shortness of Breath

March 28 2018

Shortness of breath or breathing difficulty is something that makes it feel like your chest is tight and the air is thick. In the medical field, it is referred to as dyspnea. It’s important to note that mild breathing issues encountered when performing aerobic exercises are not part of this category. There are many different...

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Top Foods for Healthy Lungs

December 2 2017

Oxygen is a vital element for our survival. The body’s ability to harness it and utilize it determines the overall health of a person. Apricots Apricots are rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a great sustains the linings of the respiratory tract which then results to the lowering of the risk of infections in the...

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