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3 Ways to Stay Slim for Good

March 16 2018

Maintaining your weight doesn’t have to be hard. You’re in spandex and sneakers most days of the week, you can decipher a nutrition label quicker than you can say “hydrogenated oil,” and the waiter at your favourite spot no longer bothers to ask if you want to see the dessert menu. And for what? Just to drop...

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7 Simple Eating Rules for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

December 14 2017

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight takes hard work, difficult decisions, and certainly plenty of sweat and perhaps tears. So making sure that you follow a proper eating plan is paramount to keeping your goals alive. Do take a trip to the grocery store with these guidelines in mind so that you can start off...

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An Apple a Day, Keeps the Scales Away

August 1 2017

Gone are the days when healthy eating meant that your meals tasted like cardboard and to maintain your weight you had to weigh your already tiny portion of food. Knowledge is key when it comes to healthy eating for a healthy weight. The two go together like a horse and carriage. Healthy eating simply means...

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