Mental Heath vs Mentally Healthy

November 17 2016

You may notice some interesting facial hair this month… Why?



Movember is a men’s health awareness and fundraising initiative, where men are encouraged to grow a moustache for the month of November. The aim of Movember is to address some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention and more!

The Movember Foundation is working toward a world where boys and men take action to be mentally healthy and well, and are supported by their friends, family and community during tough times.

Some recent research has shown that mental health conditions can cause distress, impact on day-to-day functioning and relationships, and are associated with poor physical health and premature death from suicide. In contrast to that, high levels of mental health are often linked with increased productivity, positive social relationships and social behaviour

It’s very important to remember that mental health is quite complex. The fact that someone is not experiencing a ‘mental health condition’ doesn’t necessarily mean their mental health is thriving, just as it’s possible to be diagnosed with a mental health condition while feeling well in many aspects of life. A ‘healthy’ mental state is more about being cognitively, emotionally and socially healthy and not merely the absence of what society classes as a mental health condition.

If you’re struggling, there are many services available to you. We encourage you to speak to your GP for help accessing these resources.