Train For Strength In 4 Easy Ways

July 27 2017

Strength training is a set of physical exercises that specialize in the use of resistance to build muscle strength. In turn, the body is able to burn calories more efficiently, thus reducing body fat. Strength training is important as we grow older as it helps to preserve and enhance both muscle and bone mass.

The secret is to try and incorporate these exercises into our daily routine and following these 4 easy steps:

Warm up

Before you can embark on an effective strength workout, a proper cardio warm-up is necessary. A simple 5 minute warm up gets your heart rate up and prepares your muscles for training. Start with:

  • A brisk walk
  • A light jog
  • A dynamic stretch. (For example lunges – this helps in loosening up your muscles)

Keep it simple

One way of making sure you are able to keep up with a new routine is not to complicate it. Start with equipment free strength training exercises. Push-ups, squats, and planks are flexible and convenient and can be carried out anywhere.

Also, try using simple accessories such resistance bands that allow for a full body strengthening workout without weights. Hand weights are another way of working out your biceps or triceps literally anywhere. These kinds of equipment are inexpensive, easy to store and portable.

Learn proper techniques

Strength training, when done improperly leads to injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains. It’s important to learn the correct technique when you start training with weights. Consider working with a knowledgeable weight training specialist who is familiar with correct weight training techniques. Watch other people at the gym or alternatively purchase or download videos showing the proper way of doing things. Either way, whichever exercises you may decide to take up, take some time to learn about them.

Take a rest

Muscle soreness is a result of muscle breakdown caused by working out, not to worry though as the muscles are soon repaired to create stronger, leaner muscles. Just as it is important to work out, it is as equally important to have a rest day to give connective tissue, nerves, muscle fiber and bones a chance to repair and build back stronger than before.