How to Maintain a Healthy Way Of Life

August 20 2017

Being healthy and fit doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours in the gym, watching every little thing we eat or even calculating how many calories there are in a meal, It is a matter of developing simple habits that are easy to follow, habits that can easily be adapted into our regular routines and thus prove effective in the long run. A quick fix solution is rarely the answer. A lifestyle change is key in achieving this goal. Below are 4 simple tips on what to do:

Exercise: Exercising doesn’t have to be torture, monotonous or even boring. Daily gentle exercises like walking will do you a world of good. When you arrive at the office, why not take the stairs instead? Make this a habit, start with just 1 flight and gradually, over time, work it up to 2 or 3 flights. Find some activity that you enjoy doing that requires a bit of energy and incorporate this in your fitness journey and you will actually have fun keeping fit.

Moderation: Anything that you may eat must be taken with moderation. You do not have to necessarily eliminate foods from your diet. By all means, eat and enjoy the food, but be mindful of the amount that you are eating. It is important to reduce the portion size. An occasional hamburger won’t hurt, but just have it in a regular size and fight off the urge to have it super-sized no matter how much economic sense that may make. Keep in mind food is not the problem, but consuming more than a sensible daily amount is.

Take regular meals: Avoid skipping meals as a way of trying to keep fit. Missing out on meals means your body will not have the required nutrient to produce the energy that it needs during the day. In any case, the chances of overeating on the next meal period are greatly increased when your body is starved.

Get rid of addictive habits: Take time to understand the consequences of unhealthy, addictive habits. A healthy lifestyle is about doing all things in moderation, including eating and exercising. Start by understanding yourself.  Try and recognize when things are getting out of control and actively work on your emotional health so as to take the necessary corrective measures.