The Swap To A Nutritious, Healthy Diet

August 19 2017

If you are reading this, then chances are that you are contemplating on making some healthy choices in your diet and simply looking for motivation.

Planning, enjoying and sticking to a nutritious diet comes down to the little changes that you can make in your daily life. While salt and sugar, add some flavor to our meals, they are the two most harmful things to have in your diet. Why?

  • There is sugar in nearly everything that we eat and it does nothing to our cholesterol levels. Take caution when you add sugar to your meal or drink because chances are they already havea larger percentage of it in them.
  • And for crying out loud, put the salt shaker down. The worst thing about salt intake is that it dehydrates you. We all know what that means to your body. You have increased risks of heart diseases and getting a stroke.

In every nutritious diet, you need to have fiber because,

  • Moving your bowels regularly makes you feel clean from the inside. That is what fiber does for you. It also helps you feel fuller for longer. By Increasing your fiber intake found in foods likes nuts, whole grains, and tomatoes, you reduce the risks of heart diseases.

The one way to enjoy a nutritious diet and above all stick to it is to have the (Unhealthy) things that you would normally eat in one column and in the other column, swap with a healthier version of it, not forgetting the essential foods in well Balanced Diet. Examples of a swap are:



White Bread

Whole Grain Bread & Cereals


Natural Honey or Agave Syrup

Potato Chips

Kale, Banana or Arrowroot Chips
Ice Cream

Natural Yogurt

Soft Drinks

5-8 Glasses of Water
Sweets and Cakes

5 Portions of Fruits and Vegetables

Hard Cheeses

Soft Cheeses Like Feta or Mozzarella

These are a few ideas of a healthy, nutritious diet. You can have these as a daily combination. For instance, slice a fruit of your choice in your whole grain cereal and mix in some Greek yogurt. You can pour on some honey to sweeten it.

You will enjoy your nutritious diet and fall in love with the healthy invigorated new you!