How To Use Intervals To Achieve A Healthy Body

August 23 2017

Fitness experts agree that interval training is the most effective way to transform your physique in a short time. The idea is to incorporate successive intervals of quick workouts and slow recovery segments. This form of training helps you hit your top exercise level without causing a burnout of energy. It will keep your body burning fat long after you have left the gym.

There are incredible benefits of using interval training to workout. Some of them include:

  • Continuous burning of fat- long after you have left the gym, the body keeps burning fat. This reduces the time or period required to hit your desired body shape.
  • It is enjoyable- because the results can be seen in a short time, the body responds by loving the exercises. This is the encouragement you need to keep hitting the gym. Gym time will never be boring.
  • It boosts your endurance- the body responds by improving your blood pressure and mitochondria count. These are incredible tenets for good health. It will translate into a sharper body and brain.
  • You need less time to workout – interval training enables you to achieve your goals within a very short time. It means that you get excellent results within half the time.

To avoid boredom and allow different muscles to relax, it is recommended that you alternate exercises and group your workout into rounds. Here is an example of an eight round workout session.

  • Round One
    • Mountain climbers
    • Burpees
    • Jumping jack

You should rest for a minute between this and the second round.

  • Round Two
    • Lunge jumps
    • Walk outs
    • Push-Ups

Each of these exercises should take 45 seconds. Take your one minute break before entering round three.

  • Round Three
    • Box jumps
    • TRX Pull-ups
    • Travelling Kettle Squats

Take three circuits of each exercise. Break for fifteen seconds before the next exercise. Between round three and four, take a minute off.

  • Round Four
    • Dips
    • Plank to push-up
    • Travelling side lunges

Maintain the break of fifteen seconds and one minute between the exercises and round respectively.

  • Round Five
    • Sled push
    • Kettle Bell Swings
    • Sprints

Because of the intensity of these exercises, take a minute and a half break.

  • Round Six
    • Jog

Jogging alone will do the trick. Increase and reduce the speed alternately, taking a break when the body demands.

  • Round Seven
    • Farmers walk
    • Tire Flips
    • Battle rope slams
  • Round Eight
    • Right arm kettle bell snatch
    • Walking lunges
    • 30 seconds sprint

Always warm up before taking commencing any exercise regime. Take a break should you feel exhausted before the end of an exercise. Always listen to your body….and as always please see your GP before commencing a new fitness program if you have any health concerns!