Eating Tips For A Healthy Heart

September 10 2017

Eating a varied, well-balanced healthy diet can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and have the energy to live your life to the fullest. But did you know that healthy eating can also help with things like your blood pressure and cholesterol?

It’s never too late to start eating healthier foods, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make some changes that can improve your health. Take a look below at some eating tips that will help your heart stay healthy:

  1. Include vegetables, whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds every day.
  2. Make good fat choices with nuts, seeds, avocados, olives and cook with their oils.
  3. Aim for fish or seafood 2-3 times a week.
  4. Include beans and legumes in at least 2 meals a week, and up to 6 eggs a week.
  5. Keep ‘sometimes’ foods to only sometimes – including junk foods.
  6. Choose reduced fat milk, cheese, and yoghurt.
  7. Choose herbs and spices to flavour foods, instead of adding salt.
  8. Drink water.