How Climbing Stairs Can Improve Your Health

October 30 2017

Stair climbing is an excellent form of cardiovascular and muscle-toning exercise — the pounding of your heart, gasping for air, and burning sensation in the legs serve as proof!

While going to the gym to get an excellent dose of fat-burning cardio and muscle-building workout is a good thing, the truth is you don’t really have to step foot in the gym in order to obtain your desired figure and level of fitness.

Something as simple as climbing the stairs more often is actually good for your shape and overall wellbeing! So if given the opportunity to take the stairs — be it when you’re in the office building or at a shopping mall — grab it. Doing so gives your lower extremities as well as core muscles a really excellent workout.

Let’s take a look at all of the reasons why it’s good for you to climb the stairs every single time:

It Helps Strengthen Your Bones

Fitness experts say that stair climbing can be categorized as a weight-bearing exercise. This only means that it can help in strengthening your bones, thus lowering your odds of suffering from osteoporosis in the future. Climbing stairs also help in making sure that your joints stay in an excellent shape.

It Improves Your Endurance

Naturally, you may huff and puff after climbing a few flights of stairs especially if you’re not regularly doing it. But give it some time and soon you will be able to use the stairs without getting tired easily. The endurance-boosting benefits of stair climbing can help you carry out many different physical activities without trouble.

It Makes Your Legs Look Wonderful

Undeniably, climbing the stairs is an excellent form of exercise for your legs — and the burning and soreness you feel during and after covering several flights of stairs is a clear indicator that it’s true. So if you have flabby legs and you are unhappy about them, make it a habit to take the stairs each and every time.

It Targets Other Muscles, Too

If you think that stair climbing is good only for your leg muscles, better think again! Fitness experts say that it’s actually an excellent workout for the buttocks. Climbing stairs also engages your core muscles, which means that it’s something that can help trim your waistline. Swinging your arms helps work out the muscles in your upper extremities.

It Helps You Lose Excess Pounds

Last but not least, ditching the elevator or escalator and taking the stairs instead can help you get rid of those unwanted pounds. All the sweating, heart pounding and panting after climbing a lot of stairs is an indicator that you just had your dose of cardio that burns lots of extra calories and makes you shed off excess pounds.


Sourced from Healthy Builderz.