Want To Stop Snoring? 5 Ways To Help You Snooze Without Snoring

October 25 2017

Snoring when you sleep can be a sign of something obstructing your nasal passages or there is an underlying health condition that you are not aware of. Aside from disrupting your sleep because you can’t breathe properly, you are also disturbing others in the room when you sleep. Here are a few remedies that you can try out to alleviate your snoring problem.


  • Change your sleeping position. One way to alleviate your snoring is to change your sleeping position. You can start by removing your pillow so that your head and neck remain straight. Try this out if it can help stop your snoring. Another possible solution is to elevate your upper body instead of your just neck and head only. This position makes it easier for air to flow in your nasal passages so you can sleep better.
  • Humidify your room. Dry air is also a likely cause of snoring because it dries your nasal membranes and your throat thus causing that vibrating sound. When the air moving from your nose to your throat is blocked or hindered, snoring can get triggered. This is why it is a good idea to install a humidifier in your sleeping quarters to fix the air that you breathe in.
  • Losing weight. Another home remedy that can help treat snoring is to lose weight. If you are already overweight, there is a high chance that you will start snoring because your throat and nasal passages can get blocked by the fats in your body. This, in turn, triggers snoring. Start with something simple such as becoming physically active or change your current diet into a healthier one. This will help reduce a number of calories that you are consuming so that it will be easier for the air to flow unhindered.
  • Use essential oils. Aside from using a humidifier in your bedroom to combat dry air, another home remedy that can help alleviate snoring is to diffuse some essential oils in your space. You can add a few drops to your humidifier or a diffuser so you can inhale its scent. The smell of peppermint is one of the best remedies to clear up the congestion in your nasal passages so keep a bottle on hand.
  • Keep exercising. Snoring can be triggered by too much fat in your body which is why starting an exercise regimen is guaranteed to minimize your snoring significantly. You can start with a few miles of walking or brisk walking, cycling, hiking and the like and soon you will feel that burning sensation in your muscles which is a good indication that they are working. This way, you get to shed excess weight while preventing snoring from occurring once more.


Snoring might be embarrassing for you, but you shouldn’t be tied to this sleeping habit of yours because you can actually do something about it. The steps mentioned above are sure to alleviate snoring so you can get a good night’s rest.

If the tips above doesn’t help your snoring, contact your doctor, call Myers Street Family Medical Practice on 03 5229 5192 or The Cottage Medical Clinic on 03 5241 6129 to schedule a consultation with one of our medical professionals.

Sourced from HealthDigezt.