Raising Awareness for Parkinson’s Disease: World Parkinson’s Awareness Day

April 11 2023

World Parkinson’s Awareness Day is observed on April 11th every year to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease, a neurological disorder that affects around 80,000 Australians. This year, as we observe this day, let us understand the impact of Parkinson’s disease and explore ways to support those living with this condition.

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic and progressive disorder that affects the nervous system, leading to a decline in the motor functions of the body. It is caused by the death of dopamine-producing cells in the brain, leading to tremors, muscle stiffness, balance problems, and difficulty in movement.

According to the latest data from Parkinson’s Australia, around 32 Australians are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease every day. The prevalence of the disease increases with age, with around one in every 350 Australians aged 65-69 living with Parkinson’s, compared to one in every 100 Australians aged 80-84.

There is no known cure for Parkinson’s disease, but there are various treatments available to manage the symptoms of the disease. Medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy can help to improve mobility and quality of life.

It is important to note that Parkinson’s disease not only affects the individuals living with the condition, but it also impacts their families and caregivers. It can be a challenging condition to manage, and therefore, it is crucial to have a support system in place.

Parkinson’s Australia is an organization that provides support and information to individuals with Parkinson’s disease, their families, and caregivers. The organization also funds research to better understand the disease and develop new treatments.

In addition to the support of organizations like Parkinson’s Australia, it is also important to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease in the broader community. By understanding the impact of the disease, we can work towards reducing the stigma associated with it and supporting those living with Parkinson’s disease.

World Parkinson’s Awareness Day is an opportunity for all of us to come together and support those living with Parkinson’s disease. Let us raise awareness about the disease, celebrate the strength and resilience of those living with the condition, and continue to support research efforts to find new treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Parkinson’s disease.


For more information on Parkinson’s Disease or how you can help people with Parkinson’s Disease, visit Parkinson’s Australia