Exercise Right Week

May 22 2023

Exercise Right Week is an annual campaign in Australia that aims to promote the importance of safe and effective exercise for all Australians. This year’s campaign theme is “The Right Advice,” highlighting the importance of seeking expert guidance when it comes to exercise.

Regular physical activity has numerous benefits, including preventing chronic diseases, improving mental health and well-being, and enhancing overall quality of life. However, to achieve these benefits and avoid injuries, it’s essential to exercise right and seek the right advice from qualified professionals such as ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists, Sports Scientists & High Performance Managers.

Throughout Exercise Right Week, a range of events and activities will take place across Australia, including free online workouts, webinars, and community events. These initiatives aim to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise and encourage Australians to prioritize their health and well-being.

The campaign also focuses on the importance of personalized exercise programs tailored to individual needs, goals, and physical abilities. Seeking expert guidance and advice can help individuals achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively, while also avoiding injuries and setbacks.

Exercise Right Week is an excellent opportunity for Australians to learn more about the benefits of safe and effective exercise and the importance of seeking the right advice. Let’s all prioritize our health and well-being by seeking guidance from qualified professionals and incorporating regular physical activity into our daily lives.

For more information, visit the Exercise Right website here.