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Five Best Ways To Deal With Chronic Back Pain

March 25 2019

Approximately one in six Australians suffer from back pain, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Often this leads to poorer quality of life, psychological distress and disability. Neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon, Dr Michael Wong, shares his five top ways to manage chronic back pain. Medication Simple medication such as paracetamol paired with rest should...

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6 Health Problems That Only Seem Like Back Pain

April 17 2018

Pretty much everyone over a certain age has back pain at some point. Who hasn’t felt a dull ache on occasion, or been frozen in their tracks by a sudden, sharp twinge? Although it’s uncomfortable, it isn’t usually anything to worry about. In fact, it often goes away on its own within six weeks. Sometimes,...

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5 Stretches To Ease Your Lower-Back Pain

February 23 2018

When you’re dealing with the aches and oftentimes debilitating soreness of lower-back pain, there’s a good chance all you want to do is stay in bed. Yet research found that any kind of exercise—whether it’s core strengthening, aerobic exercise, or stretching—is the best way to ease pain and reduce the risk of another back pain attack. The...

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5 Signs Your Back Pain Might Signal A More Serious Problem

January 23 2018

Back pain is incredibly common—80% of people have it at some point—and it’s usually nothing to worry about. Most of the time it’s caused by a muscle sprain or strain or a herniated disc, and there’s a solid chance that it will get better on its own, says Allen Chen, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Rehabilitation and...

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Ways To Decrease Your Back Pain

August 30 2017

By Joe Pashley Did you know that 70-90% of people in Australia experience back pain at some point in their life? BACK PAIN is a normal part of the human experience, but a pain that persists past 6 weeks is often a sign that your back is not recovering as well as it should. The...

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