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Shedding Light on the Silent Struggle Caused by Endometriosis

March 15 2024

Endometriosis, a condition affecting millions of women globally, often remains veiled in mystery and misconceptions. Endometriosis Awareness Month seeks to dispel the shadows, bringing knowledge, support, and understanding to the forefront. Dive with us into this transformative month of reflection and advocacy. Understanding Endometriosis Awareness Month Endometriosis Awareness Month is a dedicated observance aimed at...

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5 Of The Most Common Symptoms Of Endometriosis

April 5 2018

New research has found that 41 percent of Australians have never heard of endometriosis, a debilitating disease in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the reproductive organs causing debilitating pain and infertility. The survey of 1000 people – commissioned by Red Agency in partnership with Endometriosis Australia – found a significant lack of...

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