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22 Healthy Foods That Don’t Spoil Easily

April 26 2019

One problem with whole, natural foods is that they tend to spoil easily. Therefore, eating healthy is associated with frequent trips to the grocery store. It can also be a challenge when traveling without access to a refrigerator. Still, many healthy foods can be stored long term without spoiling, as long as you have the...

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Recipe Of The Week: Sticky Beef And Bean Stir-Fry

September 7 2018

This fast, low-fat stir-fry features lean beef mince cooked in sweet pineapple juice and oyster sauce for rich umami flavour. Image credit: Jeremy Simons 0:05 Prep |  0:15 Cook | 4 Servings | Easy INGREDIENTS 3 garlic cloves, sliced 500g lean beef mince 2 tablespoons Gourmet Garden Thai Stir-in Seasoning 250ml (1 cup) pineapple juice...

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Yummy & Healthy Sunday Recipe: Creamy Chicken and Cheese Pasta

April 22 2018

Try it tonight and see what you think! 0:10 Prep | 0:15 Cook | 4 Servings | Capable cooks   INGREDIENTS   375g Barilla Penne Rigate 1 bunch asparagus, trimmed, cut into 2cm lengths 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 (360g) chicken breast fillets, trimmed, thinly sliced 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 medium brown onion, sliced 410g...

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Yummy & Healthy Sunday Recipe: Crispy Potato-Topped Beef Stew

April 15 2018

With a crunchy potato top and a full-of-flavour beef stew underneath, this bake is sure to become a family favourite. 0:20 Prep | 2:20 Cook | 6 Servings | Easy   INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1kg beef chuck steak, trimmed, cut into 3cm pieces 1 red onion, chopped 2 carrots, thickly sliced 2 celery...

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Yummy & Healthy Sunday Recipe : Healthier Chicken Chimichangas

February 4 2018

Chimichangas are traditionally deep-fried, but why not try this baked version for a healthier option. 0:10 Prep | 0:35 Cook | Makes 8 | Easy INGREDIENTS 485g Old El Paso Burrito Kit 4 small chicken breast fillets 1 small red capsicum, deseeded, finely chopped 3 green shallots, chopped 250g pkt cauliflower rice 140g (1/2 cup) refried beans 100g...

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A Healthy Food Resolution For The New Year

December 28 2017

It’s the end of December, which means there’s a good chance you are thinking of ways to live healthier in the new year. Whether you want to drop 10 pounds, improve your cholesterol or have more energy, we have five food-related New Year’s resolutions that will help you achieve your goals. 1. Mindful eating 2....

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7 Simple Eating Rules for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

December 14 2017

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight takes hard work, difficult decisions, and certainly plenty of sweat and perhaps tears. So making sure that you follow a proper eating plan is paramount to keeping your goals alive. Do take a trip to the grocery store with these guidelines in mind so that you can start off...

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Yummy and Healthy Sunday Recipe: Spiced Kohlrabi Fritters with Tahini Yoghurt Dressing

October 22 2017

These golden fritters are a great way to introduce children to the vegetable kohlrabi. 0:15 Prep  | 0:20 Cook | 4 Servings | Easy Food Photography by Jeremy Simons INGREDIENTS 1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric 2 (about 400g) kohlrabi, peeled, coarsely grated 1 large carrot, peeled, coarsely grated 1 brown onion, coarsely...

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