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10 Reasons You Have Swollen Fingers

December 10 2018

You have arthritis pain, and the inflammation in your joints causes your fingers to swell up and resemble little sausages. Or maybe you’ve chowed down a salty meal, and now your wedding ring is stuck on your finger. Should you freak out? Probably not. Fingers swell for a lot of reasons-many of them harmless-but sometimes...

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How To Reduce Inflammation In Your Body

April 6 2018

If you regularly follow health news or read about wellness, you’ve likely been hearing a lot about inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural protective response to infection or injury. If you cut your finger, for example, your immune system responds by sending white blood cells to repair the open wound. These cells then trigger an...

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Reasons Your Pain Won’t Go Away

February 9 2018

What you don’t know is hurting you. Here are the main key takeaways to consider when you’re trying to figure out why your pain just won’t go away. 1. Inflammation, part of the normal repair process, may have gone awry Cytokines are chemical messengers secreted by the body. They have effects ranging from inciting nerve...

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10 Foods That Make Inflammation Worse

January 26 2018

When it comes to staying healthy and pain-free, chronic inflammation is pretty much your enemy. To stop fanning the flames within, start loading up on whole, unprocessed foods, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and spices such as garlic, ginger, and turmeric. Meanwhile, you’ll want to cut way back on these 10 damaging items. French fries It’s...

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