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So Are You Carbohydrate Intolerant?

April 10 2018

Carbohydrate tolerance is a grey area. The amount of carbohydrates that works for one person’s metabolism doesn’t always serve another’s. So you want to know if you’re carb intolerant? Start by answering these questions. Are you overweight? Do you feel fatigued much of the time, especially after eating a carb-heavy meal? Do you lead a...

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Signs That You May Have Lactose Intolerance

February 27 2018

Milk contains a type of sugar called “lactose”. It’s so special that your body has to produce an enzyme known as “lactase” just to break it down. Some people do not produce enough of lactase since birth or later on in their lives, causing the failure of lactose to be digested properly. That’s basically the...

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