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5 Things to Know About Your Metabolism, and How to Harness It

February 14 2019

Slow? Fast? Important? Irrelevant? We break down the facts on the ultimate weight-loss buzzword: metabolism. Your metabolism is a complex system. It determines how quickly and efficiently your body burns calories and how much you can eat in a day without putting on weight. Scientists are still gaining new insight into the factors that make...

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How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

August 22 2018

A faster metabolism means quicker weight loss. But how easy is it? Your metabolism is essentially your body’s engine. And your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns kilojoules. Your body uses up kilojoules even for simple things like breathing and pumping blood. Such basic bodily functions are what we call your...

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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

July 26 2017

Have a hard time losing fat? Are you tired and lacking energy? If so, you might have a slow metabolism. Crash diets, stress, poor sleep, bad eating, and certain drugs can slow your metabolism, which in turn, affects your mood and energy levels. People with a low metabolic rate find it harder to lose weight...

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