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5 Exercises To Stay Flexible

December 20 2017

Short on time? These five exercises are all it takes to stay flexible – and all you need is 10 minutes three times a week When you’re crunched for time, stretching is often the first part of your workout that gets discarded. Then months after ignoring your hamstrings, you bend over to tie your shoes...

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Easy Stretches For A Flexible Body

September 18 2017

Stretching is an easy way to enhance your flexibility and motion. As our bodies age, our muscles tighten and there’s an increased chance of injury and stress on the body and mind. Stretching isn’t just used to warm up and down during exercise. Instead, make stretching a part of your day as it gets you...

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Train For Strength In 4 Easy Ways

July 27 2017

Strength training is a set of physical exercises that specialize in the use of resistance to build muscle strength. In turn, the body is able to burn calories more efficiently, thus reducing body fat. Strength training is important as we grow older as it helps to preserve and enhance both muscle and bone mass. The...

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