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8 Times Unexplained Weight Gain Is A Sign Of A Bigger Health Problem

January 20 2018

Calories aren’t always the culprit. You’ve hit the gym with the same exact frequency for months. You’ve eaten the same cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch, and standard protein for dinner since summer (with the occasional happy hour added in—no change in frequency there.) Yet somehow, maddeningly, the number on the scale continues...

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Diet Myths That Make You Fat

July 28 2017

Wonder why you can’t lose weight? Do you eat healthy and stick to your workouts? If so, you’re doing something wrong. Millions of dieters are still clinging to old, outdated ideas on nutrition and weight loss. Common mistakes, such as eating diet foods, eating too much honey, or snacking on energy bars, can slow your...

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