Yearly Archive: 2017

6 Common Conditions That Have Almost No Symptoms

December 1 2017

We don’t mean to freak you out, really. But certain serious-even potentially life-threatening conditions-may creep up on you unawares because they have no symptoms, or the few they have are so mild you can miss them unless you’re watching your body with an eagle eye. Here are 6 to be on the watch for, plus...

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8 Groups Of People Who Are More Prone To Blood Clots

November 30 2017

Find out if you’re at risk for a dangerous—or even deadly—blood clot. Blood clots aren’t always a bad thing. When you cut yourself, your blood cells are supposed to clump together, which stops blood from leaking to places where it doesn’t belong and kicks off the healing process. But sometimes clots form in places they...

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Can Ectopic Fat Raise The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease?

November 29 2017

It’s not the amount of fat in your body but where it’s stored that may increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital recruited 200 people and looked at the differences in fat...

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How To Regulate Your Sodium Levels When You Work Out

November 28 2017

As much as 60% of your body is made up of water and when you work out, you can lose quite a bit. Drinking water helps with the functioning of the joints and body tissues, the regulation of body temperature, and the transportation of nutrients. But some of us don’t drink enough. Here’s how to get...

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15 Ways To Get 10,000 Steps A Day Without Exercising More

November 27 2017

You know sitting’s no good for your health, but there’s not much you can do about your sedentary desk job. The whole 10,000-steps-a-day thing seems like a pretty lofty goal anyway, since that much walking amounts to traversing roughly 8 kilometres daily. And for many of us, it is a lofty goal: Back in 2010, research showed our...

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Yummy and Healthy Sunday Recipe : Pumpkin and Spinach Quiches

November 26 2017

Image credit: Jeremy Simons Try this simple but tasty and healthy quiche recipe for a practical snack on the go. 0:30 Prep | 0:35 Cook | Makes 24 | Capable cooks   INGREDIENTS 2 teaspoons olive oil 1/2 small brown onion, finely chopped 300g butternut pumpkin, peeled, diced 50g baby spinach 24 slices wholemeal bread, crusts removed Olive oil spray...

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Worst Foods For Fat Loss

November 25 2017

Let’s face it: Grocery and convenience stores are full of chemical- and sugar-laced foods we should never eat but that make up a surprisingly large portion of most people’s regular diet. People frequently ask which foods are the worst and make us the fattest. Here are 10 of the worst foods you may be eating, ordered...

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Home Remedies for Dry Nose

November 24 2017

The lining of your nose should be moist all of the time. Otherwise, it may become prone to cracking, which is something that can lead to discomfort and bleeding. If you are prone to allergies or sensitive to weather or seasonal changes, then you know how much of a pain in the neck it really...

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Top Migraine Triggers

November 23 2017

  For people who experience migraines, certain foods, strong perfumes, flickering lights, and weather changes and other environmental factors can set off an attack. But not everyone has the same triggers, and not every time—and that makes the migraine trigger a frustrating prey to hunt down. There is, however, general agreement about the most common...

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5 Warning Symptoms & Signs Your Appendix Might Burst

November 22 2017

Most people are pretty familiar with run-of-the-mill tummy troubles like constipation and diarrhea. You’ve probably also had the displeasure of experiencing food poisoning or a stomach virus at least once or twice in your life. While appendicitis is much less common, about 5% of the population eventually ends up with it, and if you fall into that unlucky group, you’ll...

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