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Get Active For A Healthy Heart

August 15 2018

Any exercise is better than none. More is better. Regular, moderate physical activity is great for your mental, physical and overall heart health. It’s never too late to start and get the benefits. Many Australian adults aren’t active enough to get health benefits. Are you one of them? How much activity should I aim for?...

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How To Keep Your Heart Healthy

March 5 2018

The best way to look after your heart is with a healthy lifestyle. Portrait of Happy Family In Park Be smoke-free  Being smoke-free is one of the best things you can do to protect your heart. Manage your blood cholesterol Cholesterol is a fatty substance carried in your blood. Your body needs cholesterol to be...

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Healthy Diet for a Healthy Lifestyle!

July 28 2017

With small steps every day, it’s easier to move from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one using a healthy diet. There is a lot of information out there from experts on what the best foods are and another saying the reverse. A healthy diet should not be an uphill task, frustrating or deprive you...

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Simple Ways to Squeeze in 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day

July 27 2017

Looking for the best ways to maximize your workout? Want better results in less time? From full body circuits and plyometrics to HIIT, there are plenty of workouts that can be completed in minutes. Most of them require no equipment and can be done anywhere. They are just as effective as traditional gym workouts. The...

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Lifestyle Changes to Speed Up Weight Loss

July 26 2017

According to health experts, lifestyle changes beat diet when it comes to weight loss. If you want to shed fat for good, commit yourself to healthy eating. Forget the D word and make smart food choices each day. Regular exercise is crucial, so stick to your workouts and avoid prolonged sitting. Ready to give it...

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