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5 Reasons Why You’re So Hungry After a Run

February 26 2018

If you’ve ever run more than a couple miles, you may have experienced the desire to engage in a marathon of eating for hours afterward. In order to figure out what nourishment you really need once you’ve kicked off your sneakers, it’s important to understand the root cause of your post-run hunger pangs. Scroll down...

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Walking vs Running: The Pros and Cons of Each as a Form of Exercise

January 4 2018

Everyone knows that working out for at least 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week is good for the body and mind. Having your regular dose of exercise offers so many benefits, ranging from building muscles to warding off heart disease. Choosing a form of exercise that suits your needs and preference is essential, and two...

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What to Eat Before, During, and After Running

October 23 2017

by Laurel Leicht  What you consume—and when you have it—can help improve your running game, whether you’re a 5K-er or a long-distance runner. Discover the secrets to powering up for success. Even if you only jog the occasional few miles, you’ve likely heard about marathoners carb-loading before a race or long run. But pasta isn’t the only...

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Workouts To Do If You Hate Running

October 9 2017

Running isn’t for everyone. Committing to a regime of running isn’t the easiest. In winter it can be too cold or too dark. In summer it can be too hot and uncomfortable. If it rains, well there goes your slippery story. Running is also difficult exercise as it places a large demand on all of...

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Beginner’s Guide: Running and Jogging

September 27 2017

About one in five Australians try running (or jogging) at some stage in their life. Both running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ – the term ‘aerobic exercise’ means any physical activity that produces energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat. The main difference between running and...

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Lifestyle Changes to Speed Up Weight Loss

July 26 2017

According to health experts, lifestyle changes beat diet when it comes to weight loss. If you want to shed fat for good, commit yourself to healthy eating. Forget the D word and make smart food choices each day. Regular exercise is crucial, so stick to your workouts and avoid prolonged sitting. Ready to give it...

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